What is a 4-handed Massage?

There are very few things that feel better than a beautiful, talented masseuse using her soft and skilful hands to bring you the ultimate pleasure. But there is this: 2 talented masseuses doing the exact same thing. This wonderful experience is called the 4 hands massage.

What is a 4 handed massage?

So, after hearing about it so many time, you had to ask, “What is a 4 hands massage?” A 4 hand massage is a special massage where 2 masseuses focus on a single massage receiver at the same time. The ‘4 hands’ refers to both women using both their hands together to double the pleasure and release that you feel. We all agree that ‘2 heads are better than 1’ and it naturally follows that ‘4 hands are better than 2’.

However, the 4 handed massage is not quite as simple as putting t regular masseuses together and asking them to have at it. A real 4 hand massage with happy ending is a well-oiled (haha) machine that works in complete synchronicity. They have practised their moves and timed their actions so that every second in their company truly delivers double the pleasure of what you would otherwise get.

The experience of a sensual 4 hand massage begins at the very moment you step in the massage room. If you have been stunned by the beauty of a masseuse before, just imagine how it would feel to have two such beauties at your sole disposal. They will help you undress together, complete with the small, inadvertent touches that make the experience so special.

The same double service continues when you have to shower as a prelude to the 4 handed massages you want. Picture it: two gorgeous young women, undressed for you, caressing your warm skin to prepare your eager flesh for the pleasures yet to come. If that does not give you shudders of pleasures in anticipation, nothing can.

The two stunning ladies will place you on a bed or massage table and position you before they begin. The first step is usually to drizzle a light coating of massage oil onto your body to make it more responsive to their touch and reduce friction. This is when the 4 hand massage actually begins.

The two women will stroke your body with light touches in unison, spreading the oil all over your flesh. The feel of their soft, silky hands sliding across your body smoothly is enough to excite even the most experienced massage enthusiast.

There are several variations of the 4 hands massage, for example, the 4 hand tantric massage and the 4 hand massage happy ending. You can make a special request if you have liked a particular type of massage in the past and would like to experience it with two women and four hands instead.

4 hand massage benefits

While a 4 handed massage is certainly one of the most pleasurable variations of a regular massage, it is not simply all about pleasure. Research shows that massages have a wide range of benefits that are both physical and psychological. Here are just some of the reasons that massages are often recommended by doctors.

Relieve muscle tension

Muscle tension is caused by a build-up of lactic acid in muscle tissue. When the body is unable to remove the acid away, it causes the muscle fibres to react in a way that leads to soreness and pain. One good way to coax the acid away is to physically stimulate the muscle fibres, which is most easily done in the form of massage. With 4 hands, the muscle is soothed twice as fast as it would be otherwise.

Reduce muscle soreness

Muscle tissue is made up of thousands of strands of muscle fibres. Muscle soreness is caused by torn muscle fibres that are in the process of repairing themselves using nutrients in the blood. Massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to the area being massages. This increases the flow of nutrients to the damaged fibres and helps them heal faster.

Ease stress

The benefits of massage are both physical and psychological but doctors cannot pinpoint exactly why. It has been speculated that the pleasure of a massage releases endorphins, the pleasure hormones of the brain. This makes us feel happy and combats negativity and feelings of stress. There is also the reduction in tension that this produces which consequently results in deeper and more restful sleep.

Fights premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (where erections are not hard) and premature ejaculation (where ejaculation occurs before the penis is fully erect) may be combated with sexual contact with a skilful massage therapist. Their understanding of sexual response and how to induce and then reduce the amount of pleasure a person feels can be helpful. By repeatedly bringing the client to the brink of ejaculation and then easing them down before release, they can ‘retrain’ the penis and the brain to work together as normal.

Improves sexual performance

Just as a masseuse’s skills can be used to fight against sexual dysfunctions, they can be used to improve sexual performance in those who do not suffer any problems in that area. This is somewhat akin to a fit person going to the gym – they are already healthy but the additional exercise just helps them feel and perform better every day. Apart from the better and harder erections, it can also give you the knowledge for better performance in bed through an improved understanding of your sexual partner’s needs.

Boosts confidence

Sexual performance, especially for men, is closely related to experience in giving pleasure. Through repeated positive experiences with a pair of 4 hands masseuses, a man can develop a certain level of confidence in his ability to generate and give pleasure to an attractive woman. This combination of physical performance and mental confidence is an aphrodisiac for women.

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