Nuru Massage

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to feel on your own body an incredible pleasure and get a well-deserved rest after the hard days and your daily routine. Forget about everyday problems during a massage session in our salon.

The origins of Nuru massage

This Nuru massage technique was born in ancient Japan. The word “Nuru” comes from Japanese and is translated as "slippery". Although this therapy appeared centuries ago, Nuru massage came to NYC only several years ago.

The session involved the complete exposure of a masseuse who lay on top of the client’s spine and massaged him with her whole body. For better sliding, our specialists use a transparent Nuru gel that is made the contact more pleasant and exciting. This lotion consists of natural components. Therefore, it causes only pleasant sensations on the skin and is safe for allergic people.

How does the massage work?

Nuru is different from a classic erotic massage in NYC. We are pleased to tell you some secrets about the procedure:

  • Before the beginning of the session, a charming and naked masseuse slowly and gently distributes the gel throughout your body, walking her palms through each area of your body.
  • Our beautiful girl puts the gel on her own body, awakening intimate trust and stirring your eyes with a spicy spectacle.
  • Your skin becomes smooth, moist and silky, so it's time for two bodies to slide against each other.

At the end of the Nuru massage in NYC, you will see a long-awaited and pleasant final, which will be remembered for a long time.

Maximum contact is an important part of Nuru massage in New York City. The masseuse's body slides on yours. She touches all the parts of your body, opening the most intimate areas. She can even touch your face. Such close contact is much more exciting and promotes the greatest relaxation.

What are the benefits of Nuru massage

Nuru massage as well as other body to body in New York massage therapies has lots of advantages for your physical and mental health. This procedure:

  • Normalizes the blood circulation;
  • Stabilizes the hormonal background;
  • Fulfills hidden intimate desires;
  • Improves the emotional state.

The useful effect of the Nuru massage in Manhattan can not be described. Each touch makes the nerve endings tremble. With each movement, your muscles relax and get rid of tension. When the session of erotic massage is over, you reach the peak of your emotions. At the end of the session, you feel completely renewed.

Our professional girls

The masseuses of our salon devote a huge number of hours to Nuru massage in New York, so they put maximum love and care into their business. Their professional hands are ready for any client because everyone deserves sensitivity and delicate treatment. Feel the indescribable pleasure and delight during a body to body massage session, which rolls over your body like a real storm of pleasant touches and touches.

The atmosphere of our salon

The mystery of Nuru massage takes place in the pleasant atmosphere of the cozy cabinet in our massage salon with a lit fireplace, which greatly enhances the sensuality and relaxing effect of Nuru massage in NYC. Visiting an erotic massage session in our salon, you will definitely want to repeat an unforgettable sensual experience obtained in the gentle hands of beautiful masseuses.