Tantra Massage

The most mysterious and fascinating tantra massage in NY has been stirring the minds and fantasies of its admirers for many hundreds of years. It easily exposes the soul and emotions, promotes the exchange of energies, and gives incomparable sensations. It also helps to open up the possibilities of the body, activate the erogenous zones, and increase the sensitivity of each skin area. Through the thoughtful actions of the masseuse, the defenses of the spiritual body are improved, the circulation of energy is accelerated, and the chakras are opened.

"Tantra" translates from Sanskrit as "woven together." During tantra massage in New York, the masseuse makes contact with the client's body, and they move as if they are performing a dance of love and passion. The slowness of the process gives the erotic massage a relaxing effect, which carries the consciousness into a world of tenderness and pleasure.

Tantra massage features

Tantra massage in NYC is not like a classical massage. There are no sharp movements, kneading, and stroking. Only smooth and slow strokes are used, which are performed with a certain speed and intensity. At the same time, the naked masseuse's body is involved in the process.

The principal focus of the tantra New York is on the spiritual component. Due to the slow and gentle movements, in which all feelings and love are included, the erotic session looks more like meditation. It will be excellent foreplay, as it will contribute to maximum arousal before intercourse.

During the classic tantra massage, the client and the masseuse get into physical, but also emotional contact. They should feel each other, be on the same level of energy, which allows both of them to dive into meditation and to enjoy the tenderness of mutual touch.

Preparing for the tantra massage

It is worth noting right away that tantra massage in New York city is performed only in a good mood. With anxious thoughts or fatigue, you should not perform the tantra in New York, because you can pass them on to your partner. It is desirable to be in a trusting relationship with your loved one. It is the openness that will help to achieve the maximum relaxation and the highest pleasure in classic tantra massage.

The erotic massage is carried out in a previously prepared room. Its atmosphere should promote maximum relaxation. The masseuse takes care of the dim light and absence of extraneous sounds that may distract from the process. The air in the room should be warm, but not hot. During the classic tantra massage, the specialist pays special attention to the bed on which the session will be performed.

How masseuses make sessions unforgettable

Masseuses take their time when giving a tantra massage in NYC. They observe the client's reaction in massaging different parts of the body. That's how they understand what a man likes and what he doesn't like, and also find the secret erogenous zones.

They do not take their hands off the client's body, he has to feel constant touches. They don't put pressure on the skin, especially on veins, arteries, nerves, or internal organs so as not to damage them.