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Benefits of Sensual Massage

Massage has been part of human culture as far back as we know. Sensual massage benefits more than the body. It takes the positive effects of regular massage and infuses them with the pleasure and release of an overtly sensory experience.

When you think about it, you will realize that the desire for massage is inbuilt within our minds. Just consider how your hands automatically start to massage your sore muscles or an injury on your body. Even little kids do this when they may not even know what a massage is, let alone have received one.

Sensual Massage across the World

That instinct is perhaps why we find that different massage techniques have developed all over the world, in cultures that are unique and even isolated from one another. Some of the most well-known types of international massage are:

  • Shiatsu – Japan
  • Tantric massage – India
  • Swedish massage – Scandinavia

Of these, tantric massage is the only type of traditional sensual massage that is designed specifically around the concept of pleasure. More recently, the Japanese have developed Nuru massage with the same focus on eroticism instead of strictly health benefits.

Sensual massage and orgasm are very closely linked in both Tantra and Nuru. However, the techniques are very unalike. Tantric massage revolves around extending sexual interaction and prolonging the ecstasy before orgasm for as long as possible. By contrast, Nuru focuses on sexual interaction just as strongly but is often a short-term session.

Because of their popularity, masseuses adept at either or both techniques can today be found all over the world. Your personal preference may depend on the sensations but also your schedule.

The ‘Ins and Outs’ of Sensual Massage

While sensual massage is very strongly connected to erotic pleasure and sexual release, it is not sex. A sensual massage with orgasm does not imply sexual intercourse even if there are sexual connotations. However, the entirety of the experience gives a much wider range of benefits than a simple orgasm ever could.

A sensual massage woman will usually follow the same procedures as expected for a regular massage. You begin with a shower to cleanse your body, dry off for better skin-to-skin sensation and apply a lubrication oil or gel for the massage itself.

However, this is where the bulk of the similarities ends. While a regular massage revolves around the manipulation of the limbs and large muscles to ease and relax them, sensual massage focuses on touches and strokes that induce erotic pleasure.

A skilled sensual masseuse has to have a good understanding of the human body’s physiology, the science of how the physical world allows the brain to feel a range of sensations. This means understanding not simply the sexual organs but also the various erogenous zones spread all over the body.

Among the most powerful erogenous zones for most people are:

  • The ears
  • The neck, especially the sides and back
  • Tips of the fingers
  • The hips
  • The insides of the thighs
  • The backs of the knees
  • The feet, including the soles and the toes

The reason that these particular regions are erogenous can be found in what lies under the skin, namely, nerve endings. Erogenous zones are disproportionately denser in happy ending massage NY and this increases sensations when they are touched.

How is this a benefit apart from the increased pleasure? Well, reflexology tells us that pressing the very same nerve endings in the right way will not just benefit the flesh but leads to healing of certain internal organs as well.

Instead of direct manipulation of the sexual organs, your sensual masseuse will focus on these areas to build up a wave of pleasure. The use of scented oils can be very helpful here because they are infused with smells that are known to induce sexual arousal.

Many of the herbs and essences used here have been chosen for their therapeutic and holistic benefits for the human body and mind. This is especially true if they are natural and even more so if they are organic.

Inhaling these scents helps alleviate stress, lessen pain, ease muscle stiffness and generally contribute to a calmer state of mind. Combined with the similar effects attributed by research to massage, this is a powerful mix.

The Ultimate Combination – Health and Orgasms

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between both physical and mental wellbeing and sexual activity. The most obvious reason is that the brain thrives on personal interaction and meaningful contact.

During a sensual massage, you get this from the touches of the masseuse but also through her words and even the visual stimulation that her erotic form radiates. Add to this the relaxing scents and gentle, soothing music and you have the makings of a liberating experience for both mind and body.

When it comes to a tantric massage, the effects are even more pronounced. Tantric sensual massages performed the right way can take hours. In fact, some practitioners of the tantric lifestyle say that it can slow breathing, fight aging and even prolong your life.

The evidence of this is somewhat sketchy but sadhus in India who live tantra as a life style are said to live long lives.

For women, though, sensual massage opens up a world that only they can experience – that of multiple orgasms. While a male’s capacity to experience pleasure diminishes to virtually zero after an orgasm, a female can potentially experience them with no limits.

A sensual massage that builds up pleasure is also more aligned with most women’s personal sexual preferences. It gives them a wave of pleasure on which to ride to the big ‘O’ and then help their male partner manage their own to prolong the escapade.

The sensual massage orgasm that occurs at the end allows both the man and the woman to enjoy that lengthened period of shared pleasure. Why is that important? Shared experiences, both positive and negative, strengthen relationships. In this case where the effects are so obviously positive, the benefits for your relationship are enormous.

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