5 body rub questions To Ask your masseuse before booking

The choice of an erotic massage specialist in NY is as important as the choice of a doctor. To be sure of the correctness of your choice, you need to ask many questions.

You should not only make sure that the body to body massage room is open at the right time for you but also to personally communicate with a specialist who offers massage services to feel his energy. There are also some general recommendations that will help you make the right decision.

Are you a certified masseuse?

Certified masseuses are highly qualified specialists, who undergo serious education and training. In addition, they must constantly improve their skills to continue to meet the high requirements.

All of our employees are absolute professionals, which means that all of them have successfully passed their exams. That’s why they know for sure different types of sensual massage in New York City. Thus, you will surely be satisfied with the session.

Which type of erotic massage should I choose?

There are many different types of erotic massage in NY. Most massage therapists who work in our salon do not limit themselves to one direction but combine different techniques to provide comprehensive treatment. Tantra massage, bodyrub and Nuru massage are all names of similar manual therapies with the same goal to reduce pain and make movements comfortable and confident. The type of body rub in Manhattan you need depends primarily on what brings you to the massage salon.

What is your approach to massage?

All clients are different, and even the sensations of the same client may change from reception to reception. Certified massage therapists are highly skilled professionals who have good skills in interacting with patients, allowing them to accurately determine the strength and intensity of exposure. At the same time, you as a client should not hesitate to ask your masseur to reduce (or increase) the degree of exposure during the body to body massage in New York.

How will I feel tomorrow?

Usually on TV, the massage looks like a relaxing back massage that brings pleasure and joy. Of course, the procedures of a professional masseuse can also be like this. It is quite normal to ask your specialist how you will feel the next day and what procedures she recommends for recovery after the bodyrub.

What should I bring?

This question is worth asking, if you are allergic to certain oils or if you want the procedure to be performed with your scented candles.

However, in our erotic massage salon in New York, we have everything you need to get absolutely satisfied with this therapeutic procedure. Here are all kinds of oils with unforgettable aromas, and the session itself is provided on the professional massage table with a head cradle.

When you go to the massage room, do not forget that you are a client. There is no such thing as a stupid or inappropriate question, and a good masseuse will always be happy to answer all your questions to make you feel most comfortable.

Don’t be shy! You can ask your specialist about everything you want to know about a session of body rub in Manhattan.

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